KV1 - 200

Portable kilovoltmeter for DC / AC high voltage measurement in test laboratories or electrical installations.


  • Digital reading
  • AC and DC coupling
  • Stand-alone battery-operated equipment
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Direct measuring divider


The AGEO kilovoltmeters of the KV 1 series are generally used for testing and calibration of measuring equipment and AC / DC test equipment both in the field and in laboratories, as well as for voltage monitoring of systems with high voltage, among other applications.
The AGEO kilovo meters of the Kv1 series measure directly thanks to its resistive division column, which is connected to the measuring module with digital indication.
The AGEO kilovo meters of the Kv1 series feature a robust and lightweight self-supporting cabinet, in addition to being powered from its internal rechargeable battery with a continuous use time of approximately 10 hours which makes it self-sufficient, independent of the mains power supply, which makes it a Completely portable and autonomous equipment that allows it to be transported for field measurements.

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