Our state-of-the-art equipment, intended for this field, ensures low measurement uncertainty and allows our customers to comply with the most stringent regulations.

In all cases, our certificates are extended with their corresponding traceability documentation.


We calibrated in compliance with ISO 17025, under traceability to primary standards of INTI:


  • Our Calibration Laboratory has highly recognized brand patterns in the industry for its precision, accuracy and reliability, with traceability to national or international standards.
  • The calibration procedures used are supported by national and international Metrology Organizations.

We have instruments to perform calibrations with:

  • AC voltage 0.001 mV to 100kV

  • DC voltage 0.001 mV up to 150kV

  • AC current 0.01 μA up to 400A

  • DC current 0.01 μA up to 400A

  • Resistance 0.001 Ω up to 100 GΩ

  • Capacity 0.001 nF up to 100mF

  • Inductance 0.1 uH to 200H

  • Frequency 0.001 Hz to 100kHz