GIC 2-4-8 / GIC 8-16-32

Portable surge wave generator.


  • Compact, portable and sturdy unit.
  • Voltage adjustable continuously.
  • Automatic grounding.
  • Optimized de-energization energy by means of a capacitor switch.
  • High energy peak for accurate and effective location.


GIC 2-4-8 / GIC 8-16-32 are shock wave pulse generators, specially designed to locate faults in power cables.
The output voltage can be continuously adjusted in the ranges 0-2kV, 0-4kV and 0-8kV for GIC 2-4-8 and 0-8kV, 0-16kV and 0-32kV for GIC 8-16-32.
An energy peak of 1000J (2000J optional) at each range provides the power needed to accurately pinpoint an acoustic cable fault in conjunction with the RPF A / I fault punch.
It incorporates earthing in the case of disconnection of the internal capacitors and the installation is automatically discharged.
The earthing, power and AT terminals are located on the back of the unit and are easily accessible to the operator.
Optionally, the filter can be incorporated for the ARC (Arc Reflection Method) method, as well as the high voltage source function for dielectric continuous current testing.

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TS -80

Pin - Pointer, RPF A/I

Power Cable Identifier

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Additional equipment

Ground Fault locator


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