RIC 100

This equipment is used for the open-ditch location of a particular wire within a cable assembly through a simple and accurate procedure.


  • Easy operation.
  • Safe operation.
  • Sturdy unit.
  • Reduced dimensions.
  • Lightweight and compact design.


The RIC 100 TR transmitter generates unidirectional high-amplitude pulses with selectable repetition and duration. These pulses are injected into the wire to be tested generating magnetic field at a certain strength and direction. Adjacent wires absorb part of the energy emitted by inductive and / or capacitive coupling, holding the magnetic field flowing in opposite direction with noticeably lower strength.
The R-EC current transformer coil is used to identify the different wires in the ditch. The magnetic field generated by the electric current flowing through the wire induces across the coil a voltage with amplitude and polarity according to the strength and direction of the current tested.
When connected to the current transformer coil, the RIC 100-TX receptor amplifies and processes the induced signal, showing the information through a light indicator. When the wire identified is the main wire, the indicator shows a green light flashing, indicating that the right wire has been identified, however, if the coil identifies an adjacent wire, the indicator shows a red light flashing, indicating that a wrong wire has Been identified.

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