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RPG 40

Portable DC high voltage test equipment.
It is used for the dielectric test on gloves, sleeves, blankets and insulated tools.


  • DC tests up to 40kV (Class 3)
  • Graduated vat.
  • Pre-tested programs.
  • Autonomous battery powered equipment.
  • Lightweight and compact in design.
  • Protection degree IP55.
  • Maximum safety for the operator.

The Model RPG 40 Dielectric GlovesTester , Sleeves, Blankets and Insulated Tools is a self-contained, battery-powered high-voltage generator with negative DC polarity output voltage of 0 ... 40 kV, making it particularly suitable for testing according to standards IEC, IRAM, etc. for classes 00, 0, 01, 02 and 03 inclusive.
Nowadays, more and more maintenance tasks are carried out using live work, which is why routine dielectric tests on gloves, sleeves, blankets and insulated tools are essential to avoid accidents during maintenance tasks. The dielectric tester model RPG 40 incorporates pre-programmed tests which allows its automation, minimizing errors and above all, it allows the user to know the state of the material tested in seconds and without ambiguity thanks to the powerful source of high voltage direct current. that achieves sufficient energy to pierce the gloves and other materials tested that are not suitable for use.
A differentiating feature of the model RPG 40 dielectric tester is that it has been specially designed for use in the field without the need for bulky equipment or specialized laboratories and thanks to its internal battery as well as its compact size and minimum weight, it makes the RPG 40 a true portable testing laboratory.


The Model RPG 40 Dielectric Tester has been designed to provide the operator and instrument with maximum protection as well as ease of operation. Its robust construction allows it to work in the most adverse climatic conditions, its components have been conservatively required to provide maximum reliability in operation.

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