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Our qualified staff has been trained to share experiences, both theoretically and practically, in the field of fault location, diagnosis and testing of power cables.  Our seminars are developed to meet the needs of our customers, strengthening their reach and effectiveness.

Our staff has been working on fault locating and power cable testing since 1980, not only in our country but also in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, so we can recount this experience first -hand.


Over the years, our theoretical –practical training sessions have proven to offer optimal benefits to our customers, as our focus is on training them using the same equipment they will use in the field. We do not only provide training services on our own brand product portfolio, but we also offer training on equipment of other brands, as we know and have used all the instruments available in the market. 

The subjects addressed during our theoretical –practical training sessions are as follows:

    - Techniques for fault testing and location on electric power networks. 
    - Testing with applied voltage on cables, related-procedures and analysis of results.  
    - Physical principles and different fault pre-location methods, analysis of typical reflectograms. 
    - Selection of instruments and appropriate procedures to be used according to the characteristics of the fault.
    - Power cable fault pin-pointing.